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February 20, 2013
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Cheza Cosplay by Kida-T Cheza Cosplay by Kida-T
I think I'm only gonna post one picture of my Cheza cosplay from the anime Wolf's Rain. The pictures are all taken with my cell phone :iconembarrasedplz: so they're not the greatest quality.
Minor photoshop on the eyes, but that's about it. Yes I'm really that pale...
Wolf's Rain has got to be my favorite anime :3 It's probably the first anime I ever watched knowing it was an anime.

I was stupid and didn't have a jacket at the convention. Of course with that knowledge fate decided to make it snow outside :I A Yoko cosplayer and I ran together to our cars after the con....she know my pain </3

The cosplay is about 95% done, I ran out of time before the convention and wasn't able to put the blue straps around my thighs and arms. The costume is made completely by me :3

Costume breakdown~
- I used a swimsuit material for the main body, then used bias tape to attach the lines. Normally I would of sewn them on, but on the images I've seen Cheza does not have any seams on them, and they're 3D on her costume.
- Instead of painting on the thinner lines along the front and back like most people did, I actually sewed seams in the front with a darker blue thread to make them more obvious. I did that because when I researched Cheza's character design, they said those thin lines are actually zippers. I'm not that skilled or care enough to actually sew zippers on it ^^; ... I don't know if you can actually see the seams though in the photo. You can a little at the top xD Maybe when I take higher quality photos they will show up.
- To be able to actually get in the costume I applied an invisible zipper to the back that matched one of the seams.
- On all of the diamonds I cut it in a big cross then hemmed them with an ongoing stitch to keep it together and not have the diamonds lose their shape. I also used a thick fabric tape instead of the heat and bond I did on the rest to also aid in keeping the diamonds in shape.
- I also didn't have time to make her gold bracelets or necklace...
- I cut and styled the wig myself, using one I bought off ebay. Of course when it came in the mail half of the wig was about 2 inches shorter then the other half...So her hair is a bit shorter then it actually is.
- Cheza doesn't have a belly button piercing like I do, so I hand made one with little gold spheres that matched her gold shackles :3
-Cheza has thick thick black eyelashes, so I tried to use thicker eyeliner xD I didn't have any fake eyelashes sadly....My doggy decided to eat them the day before >3>

You can check out my Wolf's Rain fanart here :D
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"I finally found you. Cheza, the flower maiden."

Such an amazing Cheza cosplay. I love it. As a fellow Wolfs Rain cosplayer and fan I am happy to find others who enjoyed the series enough to cosplay it. Great job and keep up the brilliant work. :)

PS: if you were wondering who I cosplay it's Darcia.
Kida-T Dec 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Why thank you! >//w//<
This was by far one of the most comfortable cosplays I've ever done xD My other ones I've had to be careful with my movements because it was slightly constricting. But this. This was like footie pajamas. though I didn't have a jacket and it started snowing and I was fucked...
Thank you so much for your compliments :D I've never met another Wolf's Rain cosplayer

You're very welcome. ^_^
I can kinda relate to that. I did Knight Artorias from dark souls last month which seriously inhibited movement (I actually broke a part of it on the day.)
I also did a Monster Hunter cosplay one time which had my midriff exposed and the day ended up being windy as hell.

I've only met one other wolfs rain cosplayer in person and it was a girl in a quadsuit cosplaying the wolf version of Blue, which looked amazing.

This is fantastic! I'm currently working on a Cheza costume myself. Unlike you, I ordered a body suit and... It was kinda expensive. So, of course, I'm terrified to start cutting out the diamonds. I think I understand the cross idea, though. I guess you just hid the hems of the diamonds with the bias tape?

Also, I've never heard of bias tape. I'm a newb at sewing since my known skills are just chainmail and leather right now. You just glued them on with fabric glue? If so, did they stick well to the stretchy fabric? I was going to try to hand-sew pieces of ribbon to be the lines but it's proving impossible to get them perfectly straight and hide the stitches so they don't seem obviously sewn on. People advised that I just draw them on but it's still just as hard to get hand-drawn lines straight. Yours look perfect, though! I'll probably look into that bias tape. How thick was the tape that you used? I see there's like single-fold and double-fold kinds.

I'm also trying to make her cloak. I was thinking a full-circle cloak pattern with a capelet and hood would do the trick but if you come across a pattern at some point that you think would work, let me know!
Kida-T Sep 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I used this heat and bond stuff I purchased from walmart, it comes in this somewhat tape like roll and you just apply heat and it sticks fabric together. Though I'm sure glue would work just as well, it just might take longer to dry. The main thing is you have to apply it as you're wearing the suit; so a friend is reallllyyyy useful. I had several issues with it as I had never used it before, but here's what I learned from my mistakes. 
The easiest way to apply it is to pin small strips of the heat and bond then instead of an iron, I used a hair straightener. It was easier to bond both sides as the bias tape is folded in half so you have to put the glue-tape on the front and back. Then go very slow and be certain the strip isn't sticking out, since it stains and is kinda noticeable. 
I used double-fold I think, but only because it was the only one in the color I wanted lol. But I like the double fold as it gives the lines a more 3D look as they are on Cheza's suit. 
As for the cloak, I have just the thing~!
Just add a longer more rectangle piece under it and you're good!
rose452 May 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i really want to make a cheza costume but i have no clue where to begin and no-one i know sews any tips?
i adore yours i wish mine will turn out as good as yours
Kida-T May 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hmmm well I can break it down for you right now, then if you still need help I can go into any more details you're still unsure about :3
So I used this fourway stretch swimsuit material I bought from a fabric store for the base of the entire costume. For the navy blue straps I used bias tape (can find it at walmart or any fabric store, look next to zippers. It's this precut long thing strip of fabric).
Now to make the bodysuit I actually traced a bodysuit I owned, (bought cheap for halloween) and made it slightly smaller to be more skin tight :3 BUT if you don't have a body suit, just use some leggings and a long sleeve tight shirt, line those together to be in the shape of a body (don't forget the turtle neck and hand/finger~) then trace that onto your fabric then cut it out. Cut it out all in one piece, Cheza's suit doesn't have any seams. I did two stitches, and both were very small to keep the fabric from having any holes on the sides.
Now when you cut out the diamonds, cut them in a cross pattern. (With the very middle of the diamond being the middle of the cross) Then hem it. That will keep the diamonds from misshaping too much. For the lines on her suit I used a black threat and pinched the fabric then sewed very loosely everywhere where she has the thin lines. This is because those lines on her suit are actually zippers, but I didn't have time to make the zippers lol. Now to get in and out of the suit I added a hidden zipper to the back where there should be a thin line, but I just slightly moved over the two small diamonds so I could fit a zipper straight down.
For the big navy circles I hand sewed on black buttons (they didn't have navy ones)
For the navy blue strips I was wearing the suit then had a friend use fabric glue to glue them where they should be. Normally I wouldn't use glue, but it was the only easy way I could think of for the effect I wanted. It's important you wear the suit during this step, because it's stretchy and will just tear apart the moment you put it on.
Now I think that's it...I'm sorry lol I typed this all from memory. Did I forget anything?
rose452 May 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ty for the help that perfect my friend is planning on sewing the lines on for me so they stay and dont rip and im ordering a spandex body suit that matches cheza's color ty so much for the step by step ur awesome :3 just wish me luck i have 4 weeks to pull this together
Kida-T May 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh gosh only 4 weeks? Good luck Sweety!!
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